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At Eleventh Avenue we love helping people find their next great buy! By providing great fashion at great prices (not to mention FREE shipping on every order!) we've made a lot of friends, and, not gonna lie, some good money. We want to help you do the same!

As an Eleventh Avenue rep you'll have the ability to earn money by selling fashion you love, but without all the hassle and risk that normally comes along with running your own online shop.

11 Reasons You'll Love Being An Eleventh Avenue Rep

1. Hassle free, no inventory required!

When you become a rep for other companies you're expected to convert a room in your home into a warehouse to store all the inventory. We think you should be able to run your shop and keep your spare bedroom! With us you aren't required to buy and store any inventory...ever.

2. Low startup costs!

Other companies require you to buy $2,500-$6,500 worth of clothing to become a rep. Not with us! You can get started at a fraction of the cost.

3. No risk!

When you're required to buy thousands of dollars worth of inventory it's not just a huge hassle, it's risky! If you can't sell the product, you're stuck with it and out the hard earned cash you used to buy it. Since you don't have to buy any inventory for your Eleventh Avenue shop, that risk disappears. 

4. Sell fashion you love, and make great money!

So, if you don't have to buy any inventory, how does it work? We're glad you asked! Each month our team of buyers will select hundreds of awesome styles for you to choose from. You simply pick the ones you love, and they'll automatically be listed for sale in your shop. Every time someone makes a purchase from you shop, you get paid a generous % of the sale. Easy peasy!

5. Buy fashion you love, at wholesale prices!

If you see something you not only want to sell, but you just MUST wear it, you're in luck! You can buy any items you'd like at wholesale prices.

6. We handle shipping and returns so you don't have to!

The hassle of processing orders, packaging items, running to the post office, dealing with returns, and the other logistics of running an online shop can be a huge pain. Not here! We take care of all that for you. Why? Cause we love ya!

7. Free shipping (and return shipping!) on every order, all day, every day!

Speaking of shipping, let's just get rid of those pesky fees, shall we? We want to make it easy for you to find new customers for your Eleventh Avenue shop, and keep them coming back month after month. Free shipping, free returns, and free return shipping on every single order is one we make that happen. 

8. Great training and support!

We've got a fantastic team that is eager to help you succeed. We provide hands-on training, and ongoing support to help you reach your goals for your business.

9. Home parties and pop ups for those who want them!

Some reps find home parties and pop up sales are a great way to supplement, or even exceed, their online sales. If that's you, we've got you covered! You can buy inventory for your events at wholesale prices, and we'll set you up with the tools you need to take orders in person. We'll also provide help on planning on executing a great event, including guidance on how much product to buy based on your expected attendance.

10. We don't compete with you!

We are all about your success! That means after we launch, we won't sell any products on our website because that would take potential sales away from our reps. Instead, we'll send all our visitors who want to buy a product to one of our rep's shops instead, because when you win, we win.

11. Not MLM, no downline!

Let's be honest, no one really wants to ask their friends and family to join their downline.